Comparison Essay Topics and Writing Styles

Comparison essays are written in the point-by-point or block style. Have a look at comparison and contrast essay topics for food. Many other topic ideas are available online.

Examples of Comparison Contrast Essay Topics

Comparison and contrast essays are a common kind of writing projects students are required to complete. Subjects that need to be compared are all mentioned within the topic. Some topics for comparison essay include:

Home-schooling vs campus schooling
Online reading vs paper-book reading
Sectarianism vs secularism

What a Comparison and Contrast Essay Entails

The purpose and features of this kind of essay is evident from it’s very name. In these essays, two or more objects, personalities, ideas, or ideologies are compared. The writer selects a range of criteria on which the performance of both or all subjects is compared. While drawing a comparison, the writer looks for both similarities and contrasts in the subjects.

How to Write Comparison and Contrast Essay – Illustration with Example

You can follow either of the two ways – block style or point-by-point method. Let’s say you get the task of comparing an essay and a dissertation. The first thing you should do is think about differences in the purpose achieved by both. Secondly, the two differ in length. Other factors of variation include depth of research work, process involved in creating them, and layout. The two resemble each other in that both are writing projects, and can have the same title.

You may discuss all traits of an essay first, followed by those of a dissertation, which would be the block style. Alternately, you may take each of the aforementioned points of comparison one by one, and write how an essay goes and what it takes to write a dissertation. This would be the point-by-point method.

Topics for Comparison and Contrast Essays on Food

So many comparison and contrast topics can be established for each subject. Take food industry for example. A list of good comparison essay topics on it is as follows:

Organic vegetables vs genetically modified vegetables.
Home-cooking vs dining out.
Canned fruits vs fresh fruits.
Continental meals vs sea-food.
Vegetarian vs non-vegetarian diet.
Free range eggs vs barn laid eggs

Where to Find Topics for Comparison and Contrast Essay

If you’re looking for easy comparison essay topics, and want quick help, the Internet is the best option. You can find innumerable topics comparing one thing to another online. Just type ‘comparison and contrast essay topics examples’ on the search engine and press ‘Enter’, and you’ll get immediate access to hundreds of links sharing them. The best part is – you can find the required topic ideas without having to pay anything.

If you want to prepare these essays for exams, it’s advisable for you to find the topics in the model papers. You may also consult past question papers. If you don’t get the same topics in your exams, chances are they will be similar to the past topics.

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